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Understand how your app is doing. In real-time.

From development to launch and beyond, Fabric gives everyone on your mobile team a complete, real-time understanding of your app's performance and health at every stage.

Best-in-class solutions, working together

Fabric brings together award-winning services in one place to solve your biggest mobile challenges.

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Make smarter decisions, faster

Critical app data - like user activity, stability issues, and more - come alive in an intuitive dashboard that gives you insightful answers about your app.

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"Fabric’s dashboard is the first thing we look at everyday. We have it up on the TVs at our office so we can monitor our DAU, crash rate, etc. across all of our key apps at any given moment."

Ryan Johnson, VP of Ad Solutions

"We love the Fabric mobile app. Its real-time analytics makes it the first place we look when we need to get a pulse on how our apps are doing."

Jason Kozemczak, iOS Engineer

"Fabric's one-click-install and update functionality allows us to be sure that we’ll never miss a critical update for our SDKs. It’s the platform we trust when managing our SDKs!"

8tracks team