The Future of Fabric

Firebase is Google’s mobile development platform. It helps app teams succeed by providing tools to build better apps, improve quality, and grow your business. Now, it also includes Crashlytics, phone authentication, and more from Fabric.
We are integrating the best of Fabric into Firebase to give you one powerful platform. We’ll support Fabric until late 2019, but we encourage you to migrate to Firebase sooner so you can take advantage of the new tools we are building there.


Begin the move

Mid 2019

All systems go

Late 2019

Bid farewell to Fabric

Transition Plan

We’re committed to making the journey to your new home as smooth and easy as possible.


Begin the move to Firebase

  • Start using Crashlytics in Firebase

    Right now, no SDK changes are needed and you can still view all of your Crashlytics data in Fabric too. You can also export raw data for deeper analysis by connecting Firebase Crashlytics with BigQuery.
    Note: Keep using Crashlytics Beta in Fabric. We're working on the next generation of Crashlytics Beta in Firebase and will let you know when to switch.

    Crashlytics Beta is the service in Crashlytics that lets you distribute pre-release iOS and Android apps to testers.
  • Enhance Crashlytics with Google Analytics (GA) for Firebase

    Get GA for Firebase to unlock realtime information about your latest release, build custom audiences, predict user behavior, and much more.

  • Finish setting up integrations

    Make sure all of your integrations - Slack, Jira, and PagerDuty are set-up and running in Firebase.

Mid 2019

All systems go

  • Upgrade your Crashlytics SDK

    Complete your transition to Firebase by installing the new Crashlytics SDK, which is optimized for your new home.

  • Start using the next generation of Crashlytics Beta

    Get valuable feedback on pre-release iOS and Android apps by using Firebase App Distribution, the new version of Crashlytics Beta, to distribute beta builds to your team.

Late 2019

Bid Farewell to Fabric

  • Grow with Firebase

    Thank you for coming along on this journey with us. Now that you’re settled in Firebase, which includes the tools you know and love, we will sunset Fabric so you can develop and grow your app from one place.

  • Full steam ahead into the future

    Look out for exciting new Firebase updates. We’ll continue to build new features to accelerate your app success in Firebase!

Background stripes

Meet Firebase,
your upgraded home.

Firebase is a platform that helps you across the entire lifecycle of your app, with smart analytics powered by Google Analytics embedded throughout.

Build your app

Build secure and scalable apps faster than ever using world-class, no-ops infrastructure.

  • ML Kit beta

    Machine learning for mobile developers

  • Cloud Firestore

    Store and sync app data at global scale

  • Cloud Functions

    Run mobile backend code without managing servers

Improve app quality

Get insight into app performance and stability so you can prioritize your resources effectively.

  • Crashlytics

    Prioritize and fix issues with powerful, realtime crash reporting

  • Performance Monitoring

    Gain insight into your app's performance

  • Test Lab

    Test your app on devices hosted by Google

Grow your business

Grow from your first user to your millionth with products that help to automate the growth hacking cycle.

  • A/B Testing

    Optimize your app experience through experimentation

  • Google Analytics

    Get free and unlimited app analytics

  • Remote Config

    Modify your app without deploying a new version

Our migration roadmap for bringing Fabric’s flagship kits to Firebase

Follow our progress in bringing Firebase to parity with Fabric.

Firebase Crashlytics

Crashlytics is now the primary crash reporter for Firebase.

Coming Soon

  • Advanced filtering by A/B testing
  • Crash-Free Sessions

In Progress

  • Firebase SDKs


  • Analytics breadcrumbs
    New in Firebase
  • Cloud Functions for Firebase integration
    New in Firebase
  • BigQuery Integration
    New in Firebase
  • Unity support
  • Crash insights
  • Pinned versions
  • Slack integration
  • Search in Firebase
  • JIRA service hook
  • PagerDuty service hook


The best of Answers realtime analytics is now part of Google Analytics.

Coming Soon

In Progress


  • Segmented data by audience
    New in Firebase
  • Historical data view
    New in Firebase
  • Audience segmentation
    New in Firebase
  • Integration with Google Analytics in Firebase
  • Raw event access through BigQuery integration
  • Fabric-inspired Firebase analytics overview
  • Multi-app stats
  • Real-time release metrics


We’re building the next generation of Beta in Firebase called App Distribution.

Coming Soon

In Progress

  • CLI integration
  • Android and iOS app installation

In Staging

  • Tester management
  • App version switching
  • APK/IPA UI uploads


Digits has evolved into Firebase phone authentication.

Coming Soon

In Progress


  • Phone number verification
  • Instant, 1 touch verification for Android
  • Direct API access
  • Fully customizable phone verification UI

Achieve more with Firebase

Doodle increased user engagement by 42% with Crashlytics and Remote Config

“We’re really excited about Crashlytics being integrated into Firebase. Also with the outlook that we are working on new apps, it makes it much easier for our developers to have all of the data and all of the tools in one place.– Gabriele Ottino, Doodle CEO

Doodle increased user engagement by 42% with Crashlytics and Remote Config


Firebase Crashlytics supports iOS, Android and Unity-built apps.

Fabric’s iOS and Android apps were sunset November 30th, 2018. You're still able to monitor your migrated apps on the go using the Firebase Console, which is designed to work well on mobile devices.

To focus our efforts on supporting your migration to Firebase, we no longer offer the ability to add third-party kits to new projects. Your existing integrations will continue to work (until you decide to migrate to the new Crashlytics SDK after it is available), but you will need to go directly to the kit provider to access information about those kits.

Your Fabric data will not be affected by migrating to Firebase and you will continue to have access to your Fabric dashboard until late 2019.

You do not need to change your Fabric Crashlytics SDK or API key to migrate your app to Firebase Crashlytics. We are working on a streamlined Firebase Crashlytics SDK, and we will let you know when it is available. In order to get Crash Free User statistics as well as other services like Google Analytics for Firebase, you will need to add the Firebase Core SDK to your app.

Ready to begin the move to Firebase, your upgraded home?

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